Diamond Room launches Furrer Jacot Collection

Diamondroom have launched Furrer Jacot wedding rings as a premium wedding ring brand for those customers who are looking for high-end designer bridal jewellery. Diamondroom have always been proud to be stockists of the highest quality jewellery and our partnership with Furrer Jacot reinforces our philosophy as a jeweller of excellence. The quality, individuality, craftsmanship, love of detail and our passion for design continue to be of central importance.

The customer's requirement is treated individually and each creation is made to order with an understanding of the uniqueness of their relationship and commitment. Furrer Jacot unites highly skilled artisans - designers, model makers, goldsmiths, stone setters, polishers and engravers - into an experienced team. The marriage of century-proven handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology produces outstanding and very exclusive results. Due to the extraordinary specialisation of the craftsmen, each step is executed perfectly - providing the acquirer an unparalleled Furrer Jacot jewel!

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